How To Unlock Facebook's Messenger Hidden Game


Facebook continue implement new things to make the interest of their user.As Facebook is getting Bored day by day and people going toward the Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social and Image sharing Social Networking site.

So Facebook introduced a new Feature in Facebook Chat "Play Chess game during your Chat".Here you can find How To Unlock Facebook's Messenger Hidden Game.This is really difficult to hold your visitor and keep make their in interest as there are so many social networking sites are present online now.

So here you the Step to Activate

Step 1: Start a Chat or any Conversation.
Step 2: Type " @fbchess play "and press enter.You will see Chess Board in chat box.
Step 3: Here are few shortcut to Select to play chess use K for king, Q for queen, B for bishop, N for knight, R for rook, or P for pawn.

Here are Few shortcuts: 

Use random colors: @fbchess play

To pick the colors using this code : @fbchess play white/black
To pick the opponent using : @fbchess play white john
Choose for these shortcut to make moves @fbchess e4 or @fbchess Pe4 

There are so Many shortcut to play the game.Will share other shortcut soon.Hope you like How To Unlock Facebook's MessengerHidden Game.Keep visit for more tips and tricks.

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